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Book Review #2

Words can’t express how much I disliked this book. The title should have said it all on how bad it was going to be. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it was going to be a terrible book but I wanted to give it a chance.

The poetry in this book flowed BUT I feel like the way this woman portrayed mental illness was completely disrespectful and ignorant. I do NOT recommend this book to anyone. I’m actually probably going to throw this book away because I don’t want it to be part of my collection. It was wasted money, that’s for sure.

People with mental illness aren’t crazy and I hate it when people say they are. We may struggle with different things than the average person does but it doesn’t make us crazy. Just because something happens that other people don’t understand and appear strange to some people, that doesn’t make us crazy. This book in my opinion was making it sound like mental illness is crazy. Then it proceeded to get worse throughout the whole book. Yes, she’s good at writing but this was not the way.

If there was a rating on 1-5 stars, 1 being the worst and 5 being the greatest, I would definitely give it a 1. It’s not worth reading and it gives people the wrong idea. She makes it sound like she cares about ending the stigma on mental illness but she basically reinforced the stigma. 5 thumbs down.

Reading this book upset me, I was hoping that in the book she would learn to accept her sister’s mental illness but she didn’t. It was very disappointing.

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Book Review #1

So I decided another portion of my blog is to review books and movies that pertain to mental illness. The first book I’m going to review is: The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness by Elyn R. Saks

I finished this book about a month ago. I was trying to find a memoir about schizophrenia on Amazon and with much searching I came across this one. Elyn Saks story gave me hope. The journey she went through with her mental illness was extremely relatable. In this book she tells about all the shit she’s went through with her mental illness and how she’s learned to manage it.

When I first started reading this book I was struggling hardcore with my mental illness. I had come back from a relapse from drug addiction so my mental health was all out of whack. I wanted to read something that would inspire me and give me back the hope that I lost. I came across this, I read the description of this book and decided that this was the one I wanted to read. It may have taken me a while to read it due to my procrastination and stuff going on in my life, but I felt like I went through the journey with her. Nothing she said in the book shocked me. Reason being that I’ve felt those same exact ways. Her journey was rocky and it wasn’t easy but now she’s what they call a stable schizophrenic. That is something I strive to become. I’ve been stable for a month or so and that was the longest time I’ve reached stability. It’s possible. I was at a good point in my life but then I fell back into psychosis. I’m still working on hitting the point of stability again.

Mental illness is an every day struggle, it’s not easy, but it is possible to get and stay stable, Elyn Saks is a prime example of that. I’m not going to give out any spoilers because I would like people to read the book themselves but it’s definitely worth the read. Part of what helped me with my schizophrenia was reading this book. It showed me that there is hope and to never give up. Even when I feel discouraged I keep on going. When I fall, I get back up. When I want to quit, I reach out.

My life goal is to be happy, I have not yet achieved it, it’s been my goal for many years but I am well on my way to happiness. At this point in my life I am struggling with my mental illness but it’s slowly getting better. I’m getting some med changes so I’m going to be up and down but I’ll get through it, like I always do.

For anyone struggling, this book is on Amazon, that’s where I bought it. For anyone who would like to contact me with questions or more ideas for my blog feel free to email me at or visit my Facebook page Writings4theheart.

Thank you for reading.